Monday, 8 October 2007

Zombie Film Review: Part two of a soon to be abandoned series

Name? Zombie Flesh Eaters 2
'Plot'? Also known in Italy as Zombi 3, it is, somewhat confusingly, not actually a sequel to anything. Which is good for things, I suppose. Basically it runs thus: man nicks zombie serum from government agency (seemingly without motivation), turns into zombie, gets taken down by idiot army men who burn his body, spreading his ash everywhere and turning loads of people into zombies. The government responds by massacring anybody in the infected area, which happens to include our 'heroes' (I use the term very loosely), a bunch of soldiers and civilians who gradually get whittled away as a result of their own immense stupidity until two of them purloin a helicopter and peg it.

How irritating? The sheer unlovability of the needlessly large cast of squealing women and emotionally retarded men is quite staggering. Worse though is a DJ whose entire patter is based on wittering incomprehsibly about global warming, something he bewilderingly continues to do when turned into a zombie.

Most ridiculous moment? Cheerily establishing the fact this film has no internal logic whatsoever, a character opens a fridge only for a floating zombie head to come out and, y'know, fly around a bit and attack her. It is funny, mind, though of course entirely unintentionally.

Most glaring plot flaw? None of the zombies actually eat any flesh. Also they seem to cheerily vacillate between brainless automata and go getting corpses who don't let death stop them being able to run a radio station.

How cheap? The helicopter says 'we have some money'. A flock of zombie birds that actually appear to be hand puppets say 'and we spunked it all on the bloody heliopter'...

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