Friday, 22 February 2008

Unsightly musical overspill (vol 1.1)

I made even myself a bit nauseous with that Smashing Pumpkins blog. I mean really, what gives me the right, eh? Anyway, I have decided that rather than keep putting up posts containing my opinions on bands, thus ridiculously weighting this blog towards being, in essence, an extension of my dayjob, I shall instead whack up a monthly compendium of my thoughts on the popular music. Because that's really much more appealling, isn't it? Anyway, I shall keep it short, I shall probably update during the month, I shall start a new one next month, it's basically just an excercise in egotism, but I shall try and post some links to free downloads and such in order to make it vaguely worthwhile to you, dear reader. Anyway...

Matson Jones - Have just been listening to them yet again, and fuck me... the cliche great lost band is thrown around with gay abandon, but if it hadn't been for Rough Trade putting New York City Fuck off on a compilation album, I think only about five people outside of whatever dreadful Colorado hamlet they crawled out of would ever have heard of them. Really violent cello rock (as in: two cellos, no guitars) is the only way I can describe them without getting wanky about it... you'd think in the age of instant overexposure something more might have happened for them in their lifetime, but nope.

Here is a link to a free download of New York City Fuck Off, muthafuckaz! Seriously, give it a listen: (um, when I say a link, it's a link to a blog by some dude who appears to be not only a much more important music journalist than me, but also infinitely more technically adept. NYCFO is the very botton link)

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - If you like the singles, you'll love the album, blah blah blah etcetera etcetera etcetera... EXCEPT there are a couple of horrble ballads on there that are completely incongrous and sound like they were knocked off by The Twang in their lunch hour. Probably, I've not actually listened to anything by The Twang, mostly because I'm afraid they'll sound like 'Epic Last Song' by DIOYY?

The Long Blondes - The new single, 'Century', is fantastic, Donna Summer meets Bowie's 'Repetition'. The album, is, um, less so (on early impressions). It tries to carry on with the Summer thing but it kind of veers between sexy'n'sophisticated and frighteningly dull. It's restrained, and it was kind of supposed to be about the drama with them, surely? That said, Kate Jackon's vocal sound infinitely less smug, which is good.

Crystal Castles - Don't think I've ever seen a frontperson radiate pure violence in a way even remotely comparable to Alice Glass. Even the sort of ambient dancey ones she still looked like she was liable to fight, well, everyone, basically. V excited about alb, haven't heard it yet, though NME appear to have, pah.

Gary Numan - I sort of assumed even his classic albums would be shit, but I got the reissue of Replicas and it's reet good, like.

Fuck Buttons - see them live, fools
The Ting Tings - really are as good aas everybody says they are. And by 'everybody' I mean the people who like them, obviously. Though robably if you don't like That's Not My Name you are an actual replicant.

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