Monday, 17 March 2008

Forty-eight hours in, and the trip has basically descended into self-parody

More to come later, as this Finnish keyboard is unbelievably confusing, but basically our ferry crossing from Stockholm to Helsinki resulted in us accidentally getting really, really, really drunk. Well, insofar as once can get drunk accidentally. I shall explain later. It'd be a shameful untruth to say I presented a figure of moderation, but certainly I've come out a bit better from the whole affair than Mark, who more or less drank his blood volume in cheap lager and unidentified liquor, woke me up from my boozy demi-slumber at 4.30am demanding I come out on deck and see the 'blue dawn', took about half an hour of cajouling to actually get off the ferry when we finally arrived in Helsinki, and is now in some sort of coma brought on by a fairly hefty cocktail of over the counter throat and pain medication. Before sinking into said coma he was so confused due to, um, well, all the above, that he thought the sky was orange, got massively paranoid that the fact he was so tired meant he was on the verge of death (as opposed to whacked up on cough syrup and sleep-deprivation), and was mostly so incoherent he sounded like a broken down Eddie Izzard sketch... at one stage he actually come out with the sentence 'tomorrow... broad shoulders... towels'. Maybe he knows something I don't. I'm very curious to see how much, if any, of today he remember when he (hopefully) wakes up. Predictably we've not really done any tourism at all, though I am just about to rectify that by wandering around Helsinki. Toodles.

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Loganoc said...

Haha! I like that you're not letting the cost of alcohol interfere with good old fashioned debauchery.