Tuesday, 22 April 2008

(Double) Oh dear

This, apparently, is all too real.
Any further comment would merely be obviousness stating as an extreme sport.
www.spinningjenny.tv, however, I will say two things about.
[If you can't be bothered to risk your soul by following the link, the synopsis is thus: welcome to Spinning Jenny, the world's first Social Net Drama. Spinning Jenny is the story of young PR girl Jenny Hargreaves, her life and loves, friends and family, ups and downs. In a nut-shell, you can interact - even act! - with the characters in a way never before seen, or attempted in a broadcast drama, whether online or on television.]
1. For fuck's sake, a drama about a PR?!? Lawyers, police officers, nurses, the working class folk of London: all things I can just about take (in principal, I am generally too busy watching Shipwrecked: Battle Of The Islands and Shipwrecked: The Third Island to concern myself with such trivia). But PRs - nonononononono. Sorry. No. No. Imagine The Thick Of It if it wasn't a satire, had nothing to do with political PR, and was authored by a hooting online herd of 16 year olds who doubless can't write for shit and presumably have no experience of the very thing they're supposed to be writing about. That's the absolute best this zeitgeist-slatherings hit could possibly be. Music PRs are generally very nice people who care about music they're promoting, I would at this stage like to add, but all the others are, by and large, a virulent cancer on society that should be cleansed by fire. And acid. And a priest. The idea of this show's turning one into a heroine is horrible. Children might grow up wanting to join the media.
2. It'll still be better than that MTV show where Peaches Geldof is a magazine editor

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