Thursday, 8 May 2008

Wayne's World Reconsidered: Some Observations

1. The line 'if he was an icecream, he'd be praline and dick' is blatantly the best in the whole movie, and I never noticed it until it was on E4 the other night.

2. Is the shitness of Cassandra's band meant to be funny? I mean their big song is a Sweet cover, ferchrissakes.

3. The uh, Aurora metal scene is in fact so wussy it actually makes Alice Cooper sound quite heavy when he turns up. Was there ever any actual debate about using metal? Or is it another joke that all these heavy metal guys are basically listening to AOR?

4. It's probably too intelligent a stupid film to actually get made now. Like, the bit where he's speeding and he gets pulled over by the T-1000 is pure Meet The Spartans/Scary Movie lame pastiche. Would not make it into Juno. But stuff like the breaking of the fourth wall is completely over the heads of your basic bums on seats, mass marketed big screen comedy.

5. It is still definitely not as good as the Bill and Ted films, but it stands up better to them than I remebered... it does kind of reinforce MTV sterotypes of cool, but it kind of subverts them too, as it's pretty knowing about acknowledging that everything that transpires is fundamentally pretty lame.

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