Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The closest this blog will ever come to winning an award

So yesterday I heard on the grapevine that while researching the important subject of what chemicals were taken during the creation of Meat Puppets II, esteemed music jounalist Noel Gardner performed the Google search 'Meat Puppets MDMA' and this blog came up. Have I ever been prouder? Can't say that I have.
[EDIT: Of course, the internet essentially being one enormous self-fulfilling prophecy, this post has spurred it to number two if you do that search, which though impressive on one level, rather undermines the fact the plucky little chap had previously stumbled there by accident]

In other news (don't worry that this is going to become a daily blog, btw, just squeezing a two for onesie in here), but Christ on a bike, there's a horrible new advert for Exxon in which a sort of all-American scientist type rattles on concernedly about how some piece of glass he's developed is going to save the planet. I don't like it very much. Because he's a lying shit.

Anyway, assuming you're looking at this in sweet sweet blogger rather than drab old Facebook, here is a very fine piece of anti-Exxon rhetoric from the late 80s.

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