Sunday, 10 August 2008

Like some sort of performing monkey - IN OPPOSITE WORLD

Time flows like a river. It really does. Frogs, fronds, fish, all that good stuff. Mmmmm. It's lovely here, in time. But sometimes you flow too far down that river, and you find you're no longer hanging out with sticklebacks, but minnows. Or even pike. Maybe trout.

Yes, what I'm saying is I'm not going to do full lengths on Supersonic or Latitude, too much time has elapsed, it would be cheating everyone involved, most especially you dear reader. Alos I can't be bothered and WHY SHOULD I ANYWAY? EH? The good news is that I wrote pretty much two thirds of the Supersonic one and it's saved on here in draft. So that'll be coming out on the DVD extras. Anyway, here are five one line observations on each by means of closure for me and the two people who asked about the blogs.

1. Damn Parts & Labor are good
2. Damn horse drugs are fun IN MODERATION
3. Damn that Mark Ward, always accidentally killing members of Rolo Tomassi
4. Damn shame about Cutting Pink With Knives splitting up, turns out they were fun
5. Damn it Julian Cope, where were you?

1. Latitude is a magical place where the sheep are multicoloured and abundant
2. Latitude is a magical place where a combination of contacts, gumption and an enchanted red wristband offer you a portal to a 24-hour bar selling magic dust
3. Latitude is a magical place where my belief that Sigur Ros are fundamentally quite dull vanished in a poof of fairy smoke
4. Latitude is a magical place, but all magical places have their villains. It's only with time that I realise those villains were me and Ward
5. Latitude is a magical place where anything that may have happened involving teenagers is probably best left in said magical place, where it was clearly all right and entirely appropriate. Wholesome, even

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