Saturday, 20 December 2008

All right, all right, you CAN have my albums of the year

So yeah, after years of bitching about Metro's rhetorical asking me for my albums of '05 to '07, I'm now ungratefully bored of submitting '08 lists that'll actually get published. That said, probably less people read them than read this, there's that whole narcissism thing, and, um, I'm bored. Why not put yours up, if you're some sort of vain cunt too?

1. of Montreal - Skeletal Lamping.

Yeah, I like this quite a lot. Here is a review I wrote of it. Shame it didn't quite get the same reception as Hissing Fauna... - the main criticism seemed to be that Kevin Barnes had gone 'too far', which seems inherently daft to me - but the band seem to be pretty popular these days so swings and roundabouts, like.

This is a song by of Montreal called 'Id Engager'

2. Fuck Buttons - Street Horrrsing

Obsession with Hung and Power as people now slightly waning (too many hoodies! turning up at the drop of an envelope! fact we probably can't REALLY top the whole pearly king thing without actually breaking the law), but this album remains super-duper, only British thing I've really liked this year.

'Bright Tomorrow' - directed by none other than Andrew 'Andy Hung' Hung

3. Deerhunter - Microcastle/Weird Era Cont.

I do think the main reason for Microcastle's popularity is that it's less challenging than Cryptograms, and not necessarily in a great way, but Weird Era Cont., the free bonus album, is genuinely amazing.

Oh god I just worked out how to embed YouTube vids. My mind is blown. Wow. 'Twilight At Carbon Lake'

4. Women - Women

Being a citizen of the world (and an upstanding one at that) I am not going to let the fact this has only technically come out in the US thus far stop me putting it in this ill defined list of no professional import or interest.

A much nicer version of 'Black Rice' than the last one I put up, oh yes.

5. Atlas Sound - Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel
A fun thing about being a music journalist is that you get to meet your heroes and discover they're complete dicks. Bradford Cox, I have discovered, is not a nice man, neither does he have a particularly cohesive grip on reality, but he's still a genius and satisfyingly prolific.


6. Parts & Labor - Receivers
Discovered all their back catalogue this year. Good. This is good too. Yeah.

There is not a single official video or great live performance of anything off this record on my new bitch YouTube, but this 'Wedding In The Wasteland' is sort of okay if you ignore the vocals.

7. No Age - Nouns
Yeah man. 'Sleeper Hold' makes me want to high five things.

This TV show looks rubbish.

8. Times New Viking - Rip It Off
Once you realise you have to turn the volume down by about a third, this is just the funnest lo-fi pop record.

'Teen Drama' - once they stop dicking around it's probably actually quite a lot more clearly recorded than the album version.

9. Portishead - Third
Urgh, why have I even set myself up to write these comments? I like this album for the exact reasons stated in every end of year poll it's scored in.

Sadly that dreadful little Jools Holland man crops up here, as official video to 'Machine Gun' is 'disabled by request'. I'm souring on this whole deal already.

10. Islands - Arm's Way
As far as I'm aware only two people like this record, me and James from DiS. And I possibly like it more because I have fond memories of listening to it in the Arctic. But that can be enough, can't it?

Wow, an actual music video. Goddamn multi-millionaire rockstars.

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Andrew Field said...

I'm pretty sure this entire post only exists out of your DESPERATE, CRUSHING NEED to know what my opinions are on all things. SO YOU'RE GOING TO GET THEM LUKOWSKI.

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours (If Lambrini laced with Ketamine could speak, it would sound like this)

The War on Drugs - Wagonwheel Blues (If Dylan could still speak, he should sound like this)

Flying Lotus - Los Angeles (Believe I got this of you so thanks. Amazing)

Also High Places, Fuck Buttons, Pit-Er-Pat, Air France and, yes, Vampire Weekend because sometimes dancing in the sunshine in a lovely sweater is totally what you want to do.

In other mediums, I still haven't seen that Daniel Day Lewis film but considering I've recently watched Gangs of New York again it's really not too much of a stretch to imagine 3 hours of utterly tedious Silly Voice/Moustache/shouty shouty affectations in a marginally different geographical location and avoid the possibility of actually grudgingly enjoying it.