Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Statement from the High Official Guild of Swine Re: H5N1

Dear human beings:

It is not often that H.O.G.S. (do you get it? DO YOU?) can be bothered to directly communicate with you bipedal tools. Generally we're preoccupied with obliquely propagating the myth that pigs are really intelligent (we're idiots), and also spend a lot of time wracked by internecine conflict over whether we think the Jews are brilliant or just really rude.

Anyway, with regards to the current situation we'd just like to chip in a few comments, if you please.

1. H.O.G.S. would like to officially register its concerns over the lack of pig or pig-centric input into media coverage of the recent alleged H5N1 outbreak.
2. For the record we feel really awful about the whole thing.
3. Though our anti-Zionist lobby would like to ask "what the shitting fuck is 'Mexico flu?'"

H.O.G.S. representatives are familiar with TV and radio and will be happy to be interviewed about the outbreak at any time.




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MrLukowski said...

I realise there have been more amusing things written. Potentially even by me. Though probably not.