Saturday, 18 April 2009

An update into yr hero's current situation

Hmm, so it's been a month since last I blogged. That must have been hard for you all, and I can only apologise, but between the freelance hustle, basic apathy, and a comparative lack of foreign cities to rattle on about, I've been distracted. Anyway, I realise that the only people who actually read this blog are now people I see several times a week, but, yeah, that whole narcissism thing... THIS IS WHAT'S BEEN GOING ON WITH ME.

I came back to the UK

This was nice, really, I think I could have only travelled for so much longer without kind of wondering why I was doing it. Bit weird to think that was my life for two and a bit months, and that these people who I hung out with so intensely for such short periods of time are probably gone from my life forever.

I moved to London

Er, yeah, I've finally done it. Four and a bit years ago, when I first came back from Canada, I was convinced I was going to move to London with Powell, because that was y'know, what aspirant meeja figures tended to do. Instead I ended up at Metro, thus prompting me to repeatedly deploy the line about how I "accidentally got a job in Birmingham" as if there was an interesting anecdote at the end of it. Then after a year and bit at Metro me and Powell hatched another plan to move to London with Metro's Jenni Rayner. I can't exactly remember how or why we abandoned that plan. Then I spent the last two years at Metro stating I was going to move to London to do a second MA. Then I mercifully got the heave. Anyway, I lucked out on a nice place in Hackney with three girls and a cat... exactly the same arrangement as my last place. They're lovely, though bit odd to be living with a bunch of successful 30-year-olds (most definitely NOT the arrangement to the last place, bless 'em all).
Anyway, it's good being here, spend so much time here anyway that it doesn't feel PARTICULARLY odd... very glad I elected to live in Hackney, though, can most definitely see how you end up losing track of people who don't live in the same general district, it's a fucking mission getting about, first experience I've really had of living somewhere that doesn't have a centralised town centre. I AM getting better though - I managed to avoid using my Oyster card for a whole week. Er, yay me.

I am a freelancer. Sort of.

Thanks largely to savings, a (very) small income from popular website, a few other bits and bobs, an intention of claiming housing benefit, and a stated goal of making it through the summer festival season without having to get a real job, I have elected to be a freelancer throughout the summer at least. Think I'd find it really hard if it weren't for the fact I can more or less contribute an indefinite amount of copy to DiS, if I were at a loose end I'd probably just take some sort of staggeringly menial job to pass the time. Or becoming Mark Ward. Either that or I'd right some trash fiction that made me rich beyond my wildest dreams. Yeah. Damn you music journalism for stifling my creativity. Er, no, it's alright. It's obviously just about the worst time in the world to be a freelancer and I'm shiiiiiiite at selling myself to people. 'Dear The Guardian. I can write moderately facetious things about music. Plz give me work. Thx'. 'Tis okay, feel fraudulent operating at a loss, basically.

Canada looks like it might happen soon. Ish. Maybe.

Almost regretful I talked up my hopes of emigration over the last several years, as the damnable thing has taken so long I appeared to deal with constant looks of recrimination, skepticism and pity from people baffled as to why I wasn't there already. Well, assuming I can get all my forms in by the end of next week. Which should be possible. I dunno. Weird mix of feelings, mostly rooted in the fact that I still don't KNOW, getting closer to a life changing decision, but it's by somebody else, so can't actively plan to change my life until I know. Still, might get an answer as early as September. Might die of swine flu first, of course.

I might start another blog that... COLLATES MY ARTICLES

Honestly, I can't get it out of my head that this is kind of cuntish. And I hate the idea it might be nothing more than asking my friends to feel they have to read/comment on something that they wouldn't have been interested in reading anyway. But maybe it's just a sense of pride - if I was a famous and successful journalist there would be no need to do this, but I'm not, and at the very least it'd be kind of useful to have the stuff in one place. It's alright though, A Man Writing Some Thoughts fans, I'll put it under a different entry. Though amusingly DiS used a modified of my blog about My Bloody Valentine as an actual article. Splendid.

I went to Iceland again

Yeah, there are some perks to being a freelancer, even a fraudulent one.

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Anonymous said...

I don't see you regularly and actually I have been checking to find out what's goin' dahn witya. I think you should be C - ish and compile your articles, it would give me something to do at lunch break! x