Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Why lesbians are a menace

So anyways, the last stage of my application to live amongst the people of Canada required me to send in photos of my immediate family as well as several of me. I also had to write the name, date of birth and I think maybe passport number of each member on the back of said photos.

Got sent the form for the medical I have to have done as part of the process. This excited me as I thought it wouldn't turn up until September.

Yeah, so turns out it has Helena (my sister)'s photo on it instead of mine. Initially I came up with a faintly insane plan to... well, not brazen it out, but just include a note or something explaining it wasn't my fault and was thus perfectly acceptable, but I sighingly sent the Canadian Consulate an email, reasonably certain they'd take the stipulated month to get back to me, but actually they responded within 24 hours and say they're sending me the correct form. Erm. Yeah. I mean, Hel is pretty boyish looking, but should I be reassured by this pretty epic fail on behalf of the people processing my future?

I think the answer is 'yes', actually - before I was dealing with a faceless, ruthless bureaucratic machine; now I'm dealing with people so offhand that they barely even look at the diocummentary evidence I'd so carefully assembled. This could be easier than I thought.

Speaking of which: I have no idea what's going on exactly, but I have to take a medical and pay my visa processing fee... I would GUESS this means that maybe my documentary evidence passed muster and that I might be okay pending a clean bill of health. I would guess that, but I have no confirmation that's what it is and certainly don't feel the elation of having done it, but, er, well, I've probably advanced a step closer to something or other. I actually even have a feel from something a friend said to me that I have to go over within a year of the medical, which would be weird if true, like I'd started some sort of countdown... hmm.

In other news, I saw The Pixies last night, at a sort of semi-industry do. Bit weird to have something like that handed to you just on a plate, but I can't deny the fundamental awesomeness, and the atmosphere was good, band having fun, crowd not yakking away... SO GOOD.

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