Monday, 27 July 2009

Google search: "Oasis are legends"

Oasis are legends in their own mind. Yeah, of course, the first two albums were rather great...but not that great. Good pleasant indie stompers, eh? (

who does'nt noel gallagher slag off! he's an arsehole,needs to learn to shut his gob one day!! fair enuff,oasis are legends and have been around for ages (

last nite was the best gig ever oasis are legends and will never die. live forever. Mike [Visitor] (

its true oasis, it sold the least for a reason... it wasnt poppy and mainstream which is a damn good thing. OASIS are legends (

So are Papa Roach with a mint new song! woooooooo :D btw Oasis are legends! :D (

ive sang it on karaoke is astonishing. my favourite song by far. oasis are legends to promote this song and ill hail their every movement for doing so (

Greenday are a fuckin joke. Oasis are legends unlike those wannabe punk cunts. stuartyboy121285 (

Oasis are legends! Noel gallagher is one of the greatest song writers alive he is totally awsum!!! Posted by: Holly (

I love this song! Oasis are legends! (

Oasis are Legends , they shouldnt need to jump round and try keep a crowd happy (

north south divide **** it oasis are legends and southern **** will nick your gals what ever the divide. (

It's great to get an endorsement like that off someone like Liam because he's pretty credible and Oasis are legends (

Shiners09: oasis are legends...that bloke deserves to have his face kicked in for nearly pushin noel off the stage. (

Noel Gallagher is the greatest man ever and deserves to be knighted. Oasis are legends. (

I hope it's a self titled album. Because I think it will blow people away more than even this one! Oasis are legends (

Oasis are legends. I still listen to Whats the Story regularly years after first buying it. (

OASIS are legends and they deserved the lifetime outstanding contribution award cause they are that damn good! you gotta roll with it (

Oasis are legends and deserve every bit of fame and money they have. (

oasis are legends wether you hate them or not. they have made influential albums, theyre album was second to the beatles lonely hearts club in top 10 albums (

You have a good time in Slane? Aw what a class day..didn't want it to end! Oasis are legends! hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (

Oasis are legends, and I have been following them for years now - and Snow Patrol! Their tunes are the soundtrack to some amazing memories near and far (

Oasis rules, get with it, America, but i think we have now, Oasis are legends, the most rocking, craziest band ever...they rule!!!!!!!!!!!! (

dazmein: i guess you like bands like the saturdays you knob noel and oasis are legends. (

Oasis are legends, arctic monkeys, hard-fi, Kaiser chiefs, Kasabian, Keane, the killers, the kooks, snow patrol, maroon 5, take that (

ah lucky u id say it was unreal..i shud have went to that concert myself oasis are legends. (

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Patrick Smith said...

I love Oasis. Legends.