Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A soul-baring blog about why this isn't a soul-baring blog

(Please note: term soul-baring is relative)

Though I sometimes idly worry about the fact that living a broadly student lifestyle age 28 is probably less enviable than doing so at 23 or 24, I suppose the revelation (or perhaps if I'm being honest, confirmation) that my blog filtered through into the outside world enough for me to get into a small amount of trouble when discussing my departure from Metro was one of those things that made me grow up a small amount. If that's not too presumptuous a way of describing the fact that I finally received empirical proof that shoving words into a forum freely accessible by several billion people might result in some of said words being noticed. Anyway, the last month has been full of things - well, moderately full of things - that I'd probably have written about on condition of anonymity, but won't, mostly because I don't really want to cause offence/hassle, or, at least, don't want to deal with the consequences. I even thought twice about putting up that bloody George Pringle thing. If this was an anonymous blog then probably I'd talk about a couple of them, but then, why would I write an anonymous blog? My problems are too diffuse and trivial to warrant any sort of whistle blowing insider affair, and I'm not filled enough with either malice or any sort of drive to fill this thing with either a unified aesthetic or overarching purpose to really justify an assumed identity.

This blog is basically gutless, and yet still I'm doing it. Not entirely sure why. Clearly it's a performative act, or else I'd just keep a bloody diary. That said, my handwriting is shit and I'm an obsessive redrafter; I do keep diaries when I travel, but a day to day one would never really prove that satisfactory. Maybe it's just the normalisation of blogs means they seem a better place to fritter away some of these words than just shoving them a file on my desktop; the fact is I don't REALLY expect anybody to read this, I'm just aware of the danger of the wrong person doing so.

I'm saying this because I want to refocus the blog a bit, make it more cultural and musical-musing-ish. Okay, I'll be in serious danger of making myself look like a self-proclaimed 'expert', but fuck it, it might restore a bit of focus to this thing.

Basically, it's all the Guide's fault for starting to write about adverts. THAT USED TO BE MY THING YOU SHITS.

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