Thursday, 24 December 2009

Mental blockages partly swept under carpet thx

Hello there, the internet. It has been quite some time (er, apart from those other blogs I put up, but I started this one earlier and wrote something long and a bit pompous and decided to just strip it down, like)... I suppose there are a variety of reasons, most to do with lack of free time of late, but at the core of it is the thing I was kind of alluding to a couple of blogs back, namely that I've felt mentally blocked writing about certain things here, mostly because I didn't want to jinx stuff. Anyway brief pubic announcement, already probably know to everybody who reads this thing, and then we shall move on.

1. After a somewhat nail-biting wait, I got the job of Fringe Theatre Editor at Time Out. Which probably either sounds really impressive (if you're unsure about what Fringe Theatre technically is) or awful (if you know), but is actually somewhere in between.

2. I have a girlfriend. Called Rachael. It has now been over two months, so I suppose it 'counts'.

3. Um, I had a bit of a falling out with my ex-housemates and it was all a bit blah for a while and I thought I wasn't going to find anywhere good to live, but then I did and now I live in a large house in Clapton and it's all good.

4. Still hanging in the air is my ballsing up of the medical portion of my Canada application, had to wait a fucking age to get my GP notes transferred to London from some obscure corner of Leeds, the elusive yay or nay OUGHT to come soon, but it's now taken so long I can see the 'hilarious' scenario occurring wherein it's taken so long that I get kicked off, as they've sent me a couple of notes saying they need the information ASAP. Not really in my hands. Anyway, if I did get it, I think I'd still like to go, but probably delay by a year, at least to be in the UK for various weddings and give the Time Out job a better crack of the whip...

Yes, right, that's the self-indulgent clearing of the blockage blog, is what that is.

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I liked your pubic announcement!