Wednesday, 27 January 2010

From "er?" to "AAAAAAARGH": the Karin Dreijer Andersson story

I'm sure this has been noticed by everybody with even a vague interest in both the works of The Knife and the art of dicking about on YouTube, but Karin Dreijer Andresson's route to becoming a terrifying monster with no face has not been quite as easy as one might think.

'N.Y. Hotel' (2001)

Okay, she's not in this BUT THAT'S THE POINT, sort of. Mystery, yeah? So yes, on their first ever single, The Knife had mystery. They also sound a bit sort of wanker chill out. All in all I would not be scared, nor would I particularly wonder what the singer looks like. It'd be like wondering what Royksopp look like.

'You Take My Breath Away' (2003)

I am 90 per cent sure (they are, you know, European) that this video and the clothes and dance moves therein by The Knife and a guesting Jenny Wilson constitute a joke. However, at the end of the day they look like normal people wearing some silly threads in a sort of glacially ironic way. Not scary.

Some Interview Or Other In Swedish (2003)

Oh dear oh dear. Oh dear. She even SMILES.

'Silent Shout' (2006)

Basically I don't have much more of a point to add from hereon in - they disappeared for several years until everybody had forgotten about their boring faces, then came back pitchshifted and dressed as... um, yeah.

'If I Had A Heart' (2009)

About two minutes in what is probably her appears. Dressed as a corpse.

'Concrete Walls' (live)

Now she is just a big, menacing blob, singing through a pitchshifter. I would not be happy to have this woman in my home.

'Slow' (live)

For god's sake woman, it's only a live cameo with dEUS, you do not have to dress up as the king of the wringwraiths.

P3 Guld Awards

I mean, was this even intended as a joke? Is it even her on stage? Was she just sat like that for the entire performance? What's she going to do next year? Eat the host's brain? Because if she doesn't eat the host's brain she's going to make a right tit out of herself.

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