Thursday, 20 May 2010

Songs about cars and girls. Oh hold on, just cars

The notices were quite shitty for Neil Young's last album, Fork in the Road, but I've just listened to it a year or so after the event and it's brilliant - it's a virtually autistic state of the world address in which he bemoans the credit crunch and goes on about how great electric guitars are. Sincerely wish he'd played some of this at Glastonbury. I mean, sure, everybody would have hated it, probably including me, but if you're ever going to go anywhere and sing a kind of "um, sure Neil" evangelical song about getting an electric, Glasto is the place. He could have slotted it in instead of ten of the choruses of 'Rockin' in the Free World'. Here is a really literal song about cars, one of many.

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