Thursday, 11 November 2010

The end of the world


'Do you have any questions?'

'Well... I mean... so you just want me to guard this red button?'

'That's it.'


'That is classified information, I'm afraid - even the Prime Minister doesn't know what it does. Ha!'

'Oh. So who does know?'


'It just seems a bit bizarre.'

'Ha! Yes, yes.'

'Erm... is there anywhere to sit?'


'Can I read?'

'Not on the job.'

'And who should I be guarding this against?'

'Oh, everyone.'

'So who is allowed to push the button?'

'Nobody at all. Not even the Prime Minister is allowed to push it. Ha!'

'So I should be stopping everybody coming in apart from the other guards? Even you?'

'Oh, there aren't any other guards. Just lock up at the end of your shift.'

'Is this a wind up?'

'Ha! No.'


'Great. See you later.'

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