Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ever get the feeling you're being watched?

Er, yes, so obviously I haven't theatre blogged very much... BUT I'VE HAD SOME RIPPING IDEAS, LET ME TELL YOU. But who is 'you'? Well, as it turns out some unexpected and fun people have been reading my work of late! With utter inevitability, that last blog I wrote came back to haunt me: a disgruntled poster on a review I wrote of 'A Doll's House' at the Young Vic was reduced to a raging mess over the fact that I'd given the show 3/5 rather than 4/5... he or she was clearly so determined to get to the bottom of this INSANE behaviour that they looked me up online, read my last blog, and came to the conclusion that I was pursuing a vendetta against the Young Vic (despite the fact I gave a very positive review to the show I was reviewing when I was asked to leave, and you know, the whole thing where I obviously found it quite amusing). On the one hand I feel a bit uncomfortable about all this - what's the point of keeping a half-arsed blog if it's only going to be read by people who actively dislike you? On the other hand, it was quite reassuring to realise he or she was definitely a moron/loon to be generally ignored. (Incidentally, this also reminds me of discovering two years after the event that a Guardian commenter had come to the conclusion that a comment I wrote defending one of the writers was some sort of blind gesture of loyalty to the Guardian following an award I won from then NINE YEARS AGO). On a slightly more Orwellian note, today I tweeted about Time Out not being legally allowed to offer £20.12 theatre tickets... in a matter of MINUTES, somebody from LOCOG had phoned up to complain, despite not being mentioned in the tweet at all (I don't even think this meant the Olympics). Weirdly it may have been a good thing in the end as it turns out our marketing people may have misinterpreted the impenetrable legalese, but still... What is the moral of all this? I dunno, something obvious about the internet being scary, or to remember that if you want to communicate with sane people you'll end up communicating with lunatics as well... maybe another blog about the point of blogging, maybe just some ANECDOTAL FUN.

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