Monday, 18 February 2013


I can't believe I'm going to make one of my sporadic blogging forays with something so unprofound, but hey ho. So I was in Morrison's today, and experienced several minutes of PERFECTLY UNDERSTANDABLE paralysis as I agonised over whether to buy a £1.99 pack of pastel shaded Duchy of something or other medium size free range eggs, or a £1.69 pack of Morrison's own brand large sized 'normal' free range eggs. (In the end volume and price won out over mild novelty - I have had blue eggs before and there is nothing inherently glorious about them). But, er, yeah: it used to be, like £2.10 EVERYWHERE for a pack of medium free range eggs, and there was almost no choice of brand... what has happened? Is it a thing? Is it to do with Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's alarmingly emotional crusade for chicken's rights? (I don't see how that would in any way follow) Or is it a sign of declining chicken living standards via some sort of dubious loophole that means 'free range' chickens are cheaper and presumably less free range than they used to be? (Somebody swore blind to me that this was the case, but if so a) why isn't this more widely known about? b) why are there still non-free range eggs? c) unless technology was somehow involved, why would The Industry have only started exploiting whatever the loophole is very recently? d) wouldn't farms with 'proper' free range eggs make more of an effort to identify themselves as 'better'?) I would like to know. (I mean, have 'eggs' just become more of a lifestyle product, the price ironically driven down by greater competition? There are all sorts of brands now, when in days of yore nobody bothered, really. Eggs is eggs THEY say, but THEY probably weren't aware of a thing called 'eggs for soldiers', a sextet of eggs in a camo-style carton, 20p of the profit of which apparently goes to 'our boys') Eggs.

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