Friday, 24 May 2013


I'm just going to write this down on my obscure little corner of the internet and back away, but yeah - I've given out very few five star theatre reviews since working for Time Out, and now that I've somehow blundered my way into the theatre editor role, I realise that I seem to be a complete bastard compared to all the other critics and give out virtually no five star reviews. Which would be fine if I honestly thought there was something noble about that or that I had higher standards than everyone else, but that's blatantly not the case - refusal to given them out has been a weird combination of demanding an unrealistic amount of perfection from a show, but probably also a sort of schoolboy fear of looking uncool by going out on a limb. So anyway, I'm not going to go mad but I'll probably give out some more full scores from now on and it's not a work pressure thing, just I'm bored of only giving good stuff four stars

Anyway, for the record I mostly regret not giving full marks to The Effect and Merrily We Roll Along (basically both for microscopically dragging in places), and I could easily have given the full whack to My Perfect Mind, This House and To Kill a Mockingbird.

So there we go, nobody died.

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