Friday, 3 April 2015


I posted this as a sort of indulgence on Facebook while thinking of things to do while holding a baby, but as at least three people enjoyed it then fuck it, might as well get a blog out of it. Here is my official – OFFICIAL - take on last night's leaders' debates, in which two politicians who might be PM and five that won't spent two hours shouting at each other.

Video: Leanne Wood schools Nigel Farage, Plaid Cymru-stylee

Natalie Bennett (Greens) - don't know that she'll have won the Greens any followers, but reckon she'll have shored up 'brain fade' doubters, and she landed some good blows on Cameron (tho can't help but think that basically just plays into Labour's hands) (7/10)

David Cameron (Conservatives) - sometimes I feel a bit sorry for Cameron, he's basically just the PR man for a party that's far to the right of him and though he was sort of grindingly competent he looked alone and miserable up there (5/10)

Nick Clegg (Lib Dems) - I liked how demob happy he was, arguably he was being a bit childish, but fuck it, blaze of glory innit. (7/10)

Nigel Farage (UKIP) - I don't think I expected him to be so… weird. Objectively he did a good job of keeping things on his own horrible topic, but I dunno, even if I was some sort of megaracist I'm not sure I'd have been down with all the sweating and gurning. (5/10)

Ed Miliband (Labour) - I feel like I have probably reached the stage where I feel so bad for Miliband over his monstering by the press that if he can appear on TV without shitting his pants it feels like the final scene of Rocky to me. But I thought he gave a sparky account of himself and totally outperfomed Cameron. (8/10)

Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish National Party) - I kind of don't get it, loads of people have gone nuts for her bur I was quite disappointed. She seems incredibly competent but I thought she was a total charisma void. Maybe that doesn't matter in the long run, I dunno. (6/10)

Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru) - On the other hand, I don't get people saying she underperformed. I thought she was magnificent, fiery old-school, take-no-shit lefty and the big revelation of the night. As I understand it commentators seemed to think that Sturgeon did better because she talked more about UK and Wood was Wales-centric, but, um, well I imagine that'll play quite well in Wales, and you know, THIS LONDONER WOULD HAVE HER AS PM ETC. (10/10)

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